For Teachers or Parents

Children and Voice Strain/Vocal Nodules
Articulation of /s/ and /z/ sounds - Sometimes called "lisping"

Common Myths about Early Language and Speech Problems

Hyperactivity Disorder
Coping with Children's Central Auditory Processing Disorders
Autism Facts

Developmental Phonology Disorders (Parent Information)

Children and Bilingualism
Encouraging Normal Speech Patterns
General Information about Speech and Language Disorders
Help for Kid's Speech
Helping Children with Communication Disorders in the Schools-Speaking, Listening, Reading, & Writing
Language and Learning Parents Can Help Children Succeed in School
Language and Literacy Development
Late Blooming or Language Problem?
Nurturing Oral Language Skills
Relationship Between Language and Learning Disabilities
Parent Resource Index- articles regarding communication and children
Selective Mutism
Speech and Language Disorders
Speech and Language: Developmental Milestones
Speechville Express
Things to do at home to build speech/language skills for your child
Traumatic Brain Injury
Twins - Language Development in Twins, Triplets, etc.
Vocal Fold Nodules and Polyps
What is Language? What is Speech?
Why is Speech-Language Treatment Needed?

For Students

Student Activities for Speech and Language

Click on the title of the game/activity and you’ll go to the website to play. At the bottom of the page is a place for you to send me an email if you played a game/activity and want to tell me about it. Enjoy!

Create Your Own Story-Story Making Machine-pick your speech sound, write a story and then read your story to someone.

Interactive Reading Stories-MANY to choose from!

Kid’s Games-Cognitive Concepts

Wacky Tales-Mad Libs Junior

What’s The Word?