Created for K-5 learners, Kidspiration® provides an easy way to apply the proven principles of visual learning. Students build graphic organizers by combining pictures, text and spoken words to represent thoughts and information. Younger learners develop early literacy skills, and more advanced students improve comprehension skills and better organize ideas for writing.
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Assists students with improve 6th to 12th grade skills such as planning and organizing, researching and evaluating, comprehending and communicating. Quick Tour - Inpiration

By Inspiration Software

A World of Inspired Resources - Curriculum Integration

Inspired Sites - Examples of how Kidspiration is used with Reading and Language lessons

Language Arts - Inspiration

Language Arts - Kidspiration

Kid Pix ultimate creative playground! Create dynamic works of art to enrich a Literacy Activity using a variety of virtual media and text
Mac OSX users Mackiev
iLife integration | enhanced for OS X

Technology Literacy Project

Technology Literacy Challenge

Integrating KIDPIX into the Curriculum

Stationary Studio
This flexible program supports writing by hand and at the computer. Stationery Studio is 3 tools in one!

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Sample Activities and Lessons

From Apple - Mulitdisciplinary Software

Five Strategies to Support Young Writers

.pdf of software overview and curriculum integration of Stationary Studio

**Resource for Kidspiration, KIDPIX, Stationary Studio, and Media Tools "Oh, The Places You Will Go" Technology Summer Workshop

Digital Cameras for Literacy Activities -
Why? The technology is engaging and motivating for students.
• Planning and taking photographs fosters creative expression.

• Taking photographs allows for realistic depictions of objects, people, and places, which may be necessary for certain projects.


Kathy Schrock - Digital Gadgets webpage

Ideas from - Teacher Feature - Creative Uses for digital cameras in the classroom

Digital Camera in the elementary classroom

From Kodak - Camera ideas/ lesson plans in the classroom
Apple iSight Camera
iSight is a state-of-the-art video camera that’s the easiest way to video conference with your colleagues, friends and family over broadband. | Lesson Plans
To communicate instruction
Author's Chair
Meet & Greet

Comic Life
Comic Life allows you to easily create comic books (or documents that look like comic books). Upon opening, Comic Life immediately finds and opens your iPhoto library, giving you a collection of photos to work with. Then you select your template, drag photos into place, drag speech bubbles on top and type text into the speech bubbles. Comics can have as many pages as your storage allows. When finished, comics can be printed, exported as web pages, movies, photos, or uploaded to a .Mac account.

Don't forget, too, that your students can illustrate and use thier own drawings in a software program. These can be saved as .jps's that can be imported into iPhoto or Comic Life.

Student Examples | Country Meadows School

Comic Life in the Lab and Classroom

Comics in the Classroom - Genre Study (although this is a Read-Write-Think activity, concepts can be applied to use within the Comic Life software

Examples from Tim Lauer | Lucy Gray | Flickr tags | OSX Examples

Comic Strip Creation lesson plans - can implement using Comic Life from Newspapers in Education

Comic Strip - Beginning, Middle, End lesson - can implement using Comic Life

TimeLiner from [[|Tom Snyder Productions]] | Quick Tour, too!
TimeLiner is a practical and easy-to-use tool for creating and printing timelines of historical, contemporary, and future events. This software is very easy to use.
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CPS - Classroom Performance System by eInstruction
You can engage every child in class material by creating an interactive learning environment in your classroom. Students who normally remain silent in class can now answer every question without fear of embarrassment.You see instant feedback from the entire class, you know whether to move on or continue teaching a concept.

What is CPS? | Quick Tour - training for PC or MAC

Teaching by Remote - from

An Email program implemented into the literacy curriculum

Learning opportunities:
Vocabulary and Letter Writing skills
Reading electronic newsletters sent via email
Question and Answering skills
Dialogue skills - real time dialoguing
Blogging componant - free journaling, writing prompts