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RSS is an acronym with disagreement on what it actually stands for. I have heard: Rich Site Summary and Really Simple Syndication and Real Simple Subscriptios and Rich Site System. The acronym explanation is not as important as what RSS really does.

Here's what you need to know about RSS: It allows you be notified when a web site has been updated. Have what is newest on the web come to you!

It is becoming more popular that web sites are adding an RSS "feed" to their site. Most of the time, you'll find the feed(s) by looking for a little button or link that says "XML", "RSS", or "Syndicate this site". A "feed" is the website's way of alerting subscribers that the website has been updated.

When you find an RSS feed for a site you like, you will subscribe to the feed in order to be notified. You *must* have a tool that can read these RSS feeds - a READER
We will be looking at Netvibes and setting this reader up as your home page.

How do I subscribe to an RSS feed?
First- you need an aggregator/reader as described above. Then, the single thing you'll need is the URL (link) for the site's RSS feed.
Usually, you can click the little "XML" or "RSS" button and it will display a bunch of code. What you need is the web site address that appears when you click the XML button.

Why would I need RSS? What is the advantage?
RSS alerts you without email. RSS prevents you from having to search through all of your favorite websites. You just subscribe and watch the notifications come to you. Also, RSS is unspammable because you control your
subscriptions- the site owner never has your contact info.

That's great, but what would I use if for?

RSS and an Aggregator/Reader allows me to keep up with many, many news sources using a single tool. Saves time and nicely packages all your sites into one place.

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