Children receive the greatest benefits from technology when these elements are present:
• The lesson or project is directly connected to the curriculum
• The technology allows for active learning, with students making decisions
• The software is interactive or discovery based
• The lesson or project is open-ended, allowing learners to proceed at their own pace
• Technology is applied to real problems with a real-life connection
• The setting is designed to allow children to interact while working at the computer
• Computers are included in the curriculum within the classroom rather than set apart in a separate room or lab

Computer resources for the primary grades

Early Connection: Technology in Early Childhood Education


Websites for Primary Grades

Kindergarten Literacy and Math

1st Grade Skill builders

1001 uses for a digital camera

Cameras in the Primary Classroom

2nd Grade Skill builders

3rd Grade Skill builders

Reading is Fundamental(Reading Planet)

Great source for online stories

Provides leveled stories, activities and worksheets
Scholastic NewsListen & ReadClifford Stories
Community Helpers
Variety of literacy resources available!
**Read, Write, Think**
Great organizers for student use
Always a great site for beginning readers
**Crick Literacy Resources**

Interactive games to reinforce literacy skills

BookPals Story Online
Popular storybooks are read aloud by actors and book illustrations are shown
Disney Channel Online
Students can choose their favorite Disney show and there are read along stories to go with each show

  • Do a learning activity in a new and creative way or to do a learning activity that is possible only with the help of technology.
  • A tool for learning and not as technology for technology's sake.
  • In a way that allows all students to complete the task successfully, independently, and in the time allotted.
  • In a way that accommodates students' varied developmental levels and needs.