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International Reading Association reccommends
Read Write Think
  • Providing educators, teachers, and students access to the highest quality practices and resources in reading and language arts instruction

Read Write Think Student Materials
  • ReadWriteThink's Student Materials use free browser plug-ins to provide high-quality, interactive resources for the K–12 classroom
  • Starfall focuses on simple, fun interactivity and the sounding out of almost every word. All your child has to do is click on the screen, watch and listen! Since children learn to read at different developmental stages, stories and games are meant to foster your child's exploration and curiosity with the written word. This site provides a great opportunity to interact with your child, ask them to read to you, or play the activities with them.
  • The books and activities are listed in sequential order by developmental stages.
  • Free downloadable materials to accompany games and activities for all levels

Story Line Online
  • Storyline Online is an online streaming video program featuring Screen Actor’s Guild members reading children’s books aloud. Activities and extension lessons provided

Kindergarten Internet 4 Classrooms
First Grade Internet 4 Classrooms
Second Grade Internet 4 Classrooms
  • Portal of many different links that provide reinforcement activities for grade-specific skill building benchmarks. These links and resources integrate technology skills into the Math and Language Arts curricula. Links are regularly updated.

PBS Kids – Between the Lions
  • Stories, Games, Things to Print, Parent/Teacher section

Enchanted Learning
  • Enchanted Learning creates children's educational web sites and games designed to stimulate creativity, learning, enjoyment, and imagination. Printable books and activities with Username/Password

How will I know if a website will benefit my child?
Think....Accessible, Accurate, Appropriate, and Appealing

Teacher Resources

Leveled Books Database
(Plug in your book title, author, reading strand, and/or key-word to search for the appropriate reading level for your books.)

Teaching and Learning Strategies for Reading
(Here is a great resource for tips and strategies on instructional reading approaches. Help prepare your students to learn to read effectively, or read for comprehension and response. Ideas for reading journals, guided
reading, and group reading are also included. Find sample guides, assessments, and questions as well.)

(This site offers a variety of read aloud stories for students along with activities for the stories. There are nursery rhymes as well as leveled reading books up to Level 5. The audio can be turned on or off, depending on your needs. Teachers do need to create a free account to use the site.)

Phonemic Awareness Games & Activities
(This site includes game and activities and worksheets designed to help students practice elements of phonemic awareness.)

Using Technology to Enhance Literacy Instruction
Rhyming Word Activities
(Activities on rhyming words, syllable segmentation, beginnin sound substitution, sounds isolation, and phonemic awareness.)

Get Ready To Read
(An early literacy program that contains a screener as well as skill-building activities, games and literacy checklists)

Phonics Skills Chart
(A chart outlining the progression of phonics competencies.)

The Nonsense Word Test
(A quick and easy to use assessment that helps teachers determine students' strengths and weaknesses in phonics.)

Phonics Assessment
(Develop and individualized phonics program for students)

Reading Game Rooms
(Features online games and reproducibles.)

Readers Theater
(Offers downloadable scripts for children of various ages.)

Poetry 4 Kids
(thousands of poems for all grade levels that are searchable. It also features a rhyming dictionary to help children write poems.)

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Literacy Resources for Teachers

collaborativly created by D34 Tech facilitators during Reading Inservice afternoon

Online Literacy Links
Websites highlighted in Online Literacy Resources

Online Literacy Treasures
Websites highlighted from Online Treasures

Reading Resources
Compilation of Reading/Literacy Resources

Balanced Literacy
Read, Write, Think
Teacher Web Resources
Compilation of various Teacher Resources

Four Blocks Framework
Using Technology to Enhance Literacy Instruction
Blue Web'n- SBC Network
Blue Web'n is an online library of 1900+ Internet sites categorized by subject, grade level, and format (lessons, activities, projects, resources, references, & tools). You can search by grade level (Refined Search), broad subject area (Content Areas), or specific sub-categories (Subject Area). Each week 5 new sites are added.

Teaching and Learning Strategies for Reading
Here is a great resource for tips and strategies on instructional reading approaches.

International Children’s Digital Library Foundation is to excite and inspire the world's children to become members of the global community – children who understand the value of tolerance and respect for diverse cultures, languages and ideas -- by making the best in children's literature available online.
Get Ready to Read!
Get Ready to Read! (GRTR!) is a national program to build the early literacy skills of preschool children

Poetry 4 Kids
Thousands of poems for all grade levels that can be implemented into the curriculum.

Literary Lessons
Strategies, explanations, guidelines, reproducible teaching reading comprehension

Reading Online
This website, provided by the International Reading Association, offers hundreds of articles on a range of topics in reading education. To find articles that match your particular interests, simply search or browse the author, title, and subject indexes.

The New York Times Learning Network
Connections for Students, Teachers, and Parents

Light Up Your Brain
These stories are offered for your listening pleasure in streaming MP3 format.. just click on the "Read to Me" button to the left of a story title to try it!

Strategies That Work
(Access lessons, definitions, web resources, posters and print resources to various reading strategies)

Giggle Poetry
Hundreds of Poems

Literacy & Reading teaching ideas
Early Childhood Literacy Project
Literacy activities and lessons and integrated reading and content area lessons

Reading and Literacy Resources for Teachers
Readers Theater
Plays and scripts to print and read

More Literacy Links for Students

Sound/Letter Recognition (in alphabetical order)

ABC Match (match picture to beginning letter)
ABCD Watermelon (students have to click on the next letter in the alphabet)
Alphabet Action
Leo loves to spell (Scholastic - basic vocabulary)
Learning the Alphabet (students click the missing letter on the keyboard)
Mommy and Me ABCs (when clicked on, capital letter has "mom" saying it, lower case has "child" saying it)
Name the animal
Picture Match (letter sounds)
Starfall: Alphabet
Starfall: Learn to Read

Working with Words (in alphabetical order)

Chicken Stacker (click on words with specific letter sounds)
Clifford Makes Words (students drag one letter to create words)
Fuzzy Lion ears (adding letters after hearing words)
Pounce (students click on the word that is said)
Rhyme and Roll - PBS (click on Games, then Red's Rhyme and Roll; rollerblade over rhyming words)
Word Family Sort (drag 25 words under correct heading...not as "kiddie")