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Internet Safety & Digital Citizenship

Beginning in 2009 schools in IL will be required to offer Internet Safety Curriculum according to the Internet Safety Education Act. You can find information from the ISBE website on internet curriculum and at the kids’ page on Illinois Attorney General website. District 102 also has a Cyber Safety site as well. Below are some links /ideas for more activities and information on Internet Safety / Digital Citizenship
Brain Pop site - Technology and Brain Pop Jr. site - Free Be Safe lesson

Media Awareness Educational Games
Flash activities on critical thinking using the internet, internet literacy, advertising, online hate, and more

PBS driver’s license
Students answer questions and then can print a “Driver’s License” certificate for using the Internet.

Cybersmart Detectives
An innovative online game that teaches children key internet safety messages in a safe environment.

KidsJr Internet Safety game

Netsmartz Kids online activities.

.ppt Presentation for Primary Grade students

NS Teens – Making Safer Choices

CyberSmart – Online resources and workshops; Safety and Security, Manners, Cyberbullying, Ethics and more. Free K-12 Curriculum Resources

Cybersmart- Internet and Mobile Safety Young Kids, Teens, Parents, Library, School and more (Australia)

Welcome to the Web By working your way through this web site and taking part in the exciting challenges and activities, you will learn all about the Internet. Sections in staying safe online.

Seattle Public Schools Cyber Safe guide

An e-journey with Generation Y - a blog with postings on internet use, digital citizenship and 2.0

iKeep Safe - Kids, Educators, Your state, PSA's

Tips to teach your child about internet safety - suggestions for parents at home

Schools teach internet safety - CBS News Video - from 2007

The Teacher's Guide to Internet Safety from Teacher Created Materials

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