Project TEAMS - Institute for School Reform

A TEAMS classroom is set up with four stations to accommodate different ways of learning a particular skill or concept. There is a Computer Station for technology-based learning, a Textbook Station for written work, a Challenge Station for learning in a game-like format, and an Exploration Station for hands-on activities.

Exploring and Using Technology—Middle-grades students and teachers must have

  1. 0pportunities to explore and use technology to improve knowledge and skills
  2. Learning through activities and applications across the curriculum develops competence in technology
  3. Technology that provides writers the opportunity to create and present writing in new and increasingly flexible ways, particularly in combination with other media.

Important and Current information on Internet use for this age level

Students consider the positive uses of E-mail and IM and identify safety strategies for responsibly managing unsolicited messages.
CyberSmarts 2
Students learn that, although the Internet makes it very easy, copying others' work and presenting it as one's own is unethical. They also learn about circumstances in which it is permissible to copy others' work.
CyberSmarts 3
Students reflect on the rewards of cyberspace and then consider bullying scenarios in which they examine their personal comfort levels. They learn to recognize such feelings and responsibly handle the unacceptable behavior of others.

Website Evaluation checklist for Intermediate Grades
Critical Evaluations for Internet - by Kathy Schrock
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