School 2.0 | Web 2.0 Panel discussion

Chris Lehmann
School 2.0

  • What is the purpose of school? Old reasons are not applying / how and what / ask why?
  • Thoughtful, wise, passionate, kind not just full of thought
  • We Teach Kids not Subjects; I teach Physics v. I teach children Physics
  • Curriculum should be kids, community, what we bring to the table
  • Inquiry driven - ask deep meaningful questions and ask them together
  • Schools must be student centered; about the learning we do
  • Teachers are mentors because kids need adults
  • Difference between kids 2009 v. 1979 is the current absence of adult figures; world is getting harder and more complex, kids need us as mentors more than ever
  • Schools should be community based; parents, community members need to be involved; learn from many; imagine schools that are defined by learning 24-7
  • Schools should be collaborative; synthesis works because your ideas are better than mine!
  • Allow ideas to be changed by others
  • Integrated; the day has to make sense
  • Technology infused; necessary, invisible, ubiquitous "when was the last time you took the kids to the pencil room?"
  • We need to think about thinking? Meta Cognitive
  • Authentic; assessment as real of transparent
  • Understanding driven and project based
  • We work best / learn best when it matters to us?
  • Pedagogy matters alot - thinking about what we teach
  • Technology overload
  • What is good is what is better than what is new?
  • Tech changes
    • Research, Collaborate, Create, Present, Network
  • Research RSS Google Wikipedia
  • Collaborate Wiki Google Docs Moodle
  • Create drupal blogging
  • Network Twitter Skype Facebook email
  • Present ustream flickr
  • Tools Don't Teach but they can change the way that we teach
  • What are your goals and how do you get there - Understanding by Design - backward mapping, think about what you want the kids to know and how you are going to get them there
  • What questions do we keep asking that keep coming back? Questions that we cannot quite answer.
  • How do we Assess - Authentic Assessment. Does it matter?
  • Too often classrooms are recalled based - class, projects, homework tests
  • Project based classrooms - tests, class, homework, projects VALUE not recall but recall transfer and do
  • Authentic Assessment never ends because it matters
  • What is the learning plan? day to day?
  • Understandings?
    • Students will understand that ....
  • Essential Questions? What provocative questions will foster inquiry, understanding, and transfer of learning
    • Students will need to know _ to answer the questions deeply - content
    • Students will be able to secondary skills / content
  • Assessment Evidence
    • Performance tasks
    • Reflections, demonstrate results

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1.What three Web 2.0 Tools can you not live without
  • Wiki
  • Flickr
  • Skype
  • Twitter
  • Blog format
  • Bloglines
  • Ones that impact teaching; 21classrooms; delicious bookmarks; social bookmarking tools

2.What web 2.0 are "sticking"? What makes them stick?
  • Voicethread
  • Social bookmarking
  • Google docs and spreadsheets
  • flickr groups
  • online shared spaces
  • need to look at quality, collaboration, inclusion,
  • any tool that will benefit assistive tech needs

What tools and strategies do you suggest to keep students safe, comply with policies, etc.
  • do not open things up without having a meaningful conversation about how it is best used
  • start with parents and educate them where the real dangers are; online insecurities are blown out; AUP explain benefits; authentic audience
  • To make change with administrators, be the right kind of squeaky wheel. Show them the impact on learning, not the shine and the tool for the sake of the tool. Base your argument in pedagogy