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From the Illinois Learning Standards for Fine Arts
Using Technology - Use appropriate instruments, electronic equipment, computers and networks to access information, process ideas and communicate results. Computers, synthesizers, film and video provide opportunities to create and record sound composition, animated images, montages and other works. These experiences can lead to careers in areas such as music, graphic arts, video and film production, scene design and choreography. Technology (CD-ROM, slides, film, video, laserdisk, on-line services) also can link the classroom with the work of artists & performers.

Websites: - Intro to color Art Pad – like KidPix - Intro to Line and Shape - Interactive art you make on line - Destination Modern Art! Make a Masterpiece - The Mona Lisa Jigsaw puzzle - Put on a Play!

Lesson Ideas:


See how Etch A Sketch becomes an art form. Some amazing Etch A Sketch art is displayed with information on each of the artists. Browse the gallery to see portraits of famous faces, landscapes, animals, and sports. Students can try making a picture using the online Etch A Sketch tool by following 10 tips and tricks to a successful piece of artwork. Have students who have Etch-A-Sketch bring there's into school, too.

The Camera

View a scene through the camera's viewfinder and take a virtual picture. This interactive site gives you access to exposure, shutter speed, and lens controls. Or, set the camera to auto mode and see how the camera sets the exposure. Click on the expose button. The picture will be processed and displayed on the page in another browser window. Compare your photo with the original image. Use this website before or after a lesson on using the digital camera as a tool for learning.

The World in Photographs

World Images: The world as seen through the lens of a camera allows the students to browse hundreds of photographed art objects and images from all over the world. Use this website in many areas of the curriculum: Art - using what students know, recreate in any form of media the photograph, or for Writing - use as a story starter. Math - print out the picture and cut into geometric shapes and paste back together.

Using Kidspiration or Inspiration, create templates on art elements, lines, shapes, colors
Art Elements | Line-Curve | Color

Art Process Portfolios- Students choose art pieces they have created and using a digital camera, take snapshots of that piece, crop, and prepare for web posting. Each student will have a e-folio of art work that will follow them throughout their elementary education.

Creative Movement

Imagine that you are an animal in the Zoo and create your own way in which these animals may move around the zoo. Listen to the song and watch for the Power point of animal pictures...then Move!
Song: Animal Actions
Powerpoint : These images are set to continue in a loop manner, 6 seconds each slide. Sample slides below
Picture_9.png Picture_11.png

Websites: - Try writing your own music with the musical sketch pad Look for the Instrument lab - Join the Jazz Band - Meet the Notes! - Be a Rockin’ Rhythm Master Learn how to build your own instruments at home! - Free download to program used in class - Friends at Hoppy Hill / Beginning music concepts

Lyon Music Teacher Webpage

"Technology is used within the classroom to combine oral and visual learning styles. Students can compose music on Finale Notepad, or similar web sites and hear it played back for them. Students can also independently explore the many different instruments of the orchestra and immediately hear them played back through interactive web sites. In Music class,a Mimeo mouse and projector have been utilized to create class compositions and to draw up and down melodies for Kindergartners in an interactive, immediate learning environment. Garage Band is used to hear and assess their own performances and explore various sound effects. "

Lesson Ideas:

Sound Recording

Powerpoint allows you to record narration on slides. On a slide, take a picture of your class, find a graphic or clip art would best matches the song the class will be singing, add it to a slide, and choose record narration. Then playback!

"The Bouncing Ball"

Use Powerpoint as a "bouncing ball" to the lyrics of a song. Each slide is a different stanza of a song, the teacher can click the mouse as the stanzas change or time animations(if you want to get really "techie"!

Composing Music

Creating Music is a children's online creative music environment for children of all ages. It's a place for kids to compose music, play with musical performance, music games and music puzzles. Use the musical sketch pad for students to compose music. As a full class, this can be achieved by using a projector or TV hooked up to a computer or as individuals at workstations. Groups of students can compose their own music and then report back to the class using music concepts and terminology.

Garage Band (in the classroom lesson plans)
Perform, record and create music from virtual instruments and pre-recorded loops. Also great for podcasting

iPods/Listening Center

Using Kidspiration for visual display

Websites: - Bod TV Know which foods make the healthiest Buzz - What does Sports dude need to be fit Sports Illustrated for Kids Online - Interactive Bowling - 2006 Winter Olympics – Choose Kids/ English Just like Jeopardy - The Fitness Files

Physical Education

Lesson Ideas:

Help Keep your Classmates Healthy: Design a Game - Webquest
"Students your help is needed to create a new game for your school's physical education class. The new game will be used in the your physical education classroom with you and your classmates. Good luck on creation of a new and exciting game for everyone to enjoy". Look at the Webquest link above to learn how to create your own PE Webquest


Using Kidspiration , this visual, graphic organizing tool, have students create webs or outline on the areas of being physically fit. Assess students' understanding of what goes into being a physically fit person living a physically fit life!
Also, at the end of the school year, have the students draw and label their favorite physical education activity.

Laptop Stations
Fitness Fridays - Fitness station are activities that work the body set up throughout the room. One or more stations uses laptops not only to read what to do, but also to see what to do .Through Power Point or websites, students may take a "fitness mission" or visit web resources such as how to work your bones, put them together and keep them strong.

Record fitness results from Fitness Fridays. Over 4 weeks time, students recorded their number of laps.
Spreadsheet may be used to vote on which fitness area to work on, see room for improvement and chart growth over time periods. Student's record data as well as teacher. Student Data Sheet